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Terra Sheet Terra Sheet Ground Sheet

The outdoors is more accessible than ever

The next revolution in the outdoor experience is here! Whether tent camping, overlanding, or living the RV life, keep your campsite comfortable and free of dirt and debris.

The Terra Sheet Ground Sheet is a raised profile knitted mesh fabric, designed to change the way you camp. This open aperture lock-stitch ground sheet allows sand, dirt, and water to fall through the open mesh structure, while at the same time protecting the grass from dying because of a lack of light and air.

Perfect for camping, the beach, concerts, garden parties, picnics, sun shades, privacy screens, and any number of applications.


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  •  $100
  • 7' 10" X 19' 8" (M) $110
  • 11' 10" X 16' 5" (L) $120
  • 11' 10" X 19' 8" (XL) $130
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