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Rugged off-road campers are what we do. And we offer some of the toughest trail-ready, all-inclusive camper trailers on the market today. These trailers will get you where you want to go, in comfort and style. Explore our full line of trailer offerings and find the one that will get you out there! We have floor units for you to check out in person. Call or email us to schedule a showing today!

Current Inventory for Immediate Sale (Updated 1/6/2020):

  1. Used 2018 Conqueror UEV-490 Platinum
  2. Used 2018 Conqueror UEV-440
  3. New 2020 Conqueror UEV-490
  4. New 2020 Conqueror UEV-490
  5. New 2017 Conqueror UEV-310
  6. Demo 2019 Boreas XT (Like new!)
  7. Demo Leitner ACS, Alu-Cab Tent, Shadow Awning & Shower Cube Combo (Like new!)

Any questions on current or arriving inventory, inquire HERE!

Read more about trailer/camper ordering information below. 

Trailer/Camper Ordering info

After reviewing the product specifications and pricing page, please email us or give us a call at 602-980-5905. We will do a complete review of the product and add-on options with you of exactly what you will be getting. At that time, you will need to sign a Purchase Agreement and pay a 25% down payment upon ordering.

Unless the trailer/camper is in stock, lead time from ordering is 14-18 weeks for Conqueror and Alu-Cab, and up to 2 weeks for Into the Wild. Each trailer is ordered with your customized options from the manufacturers in South Africa for Conqueror, and Boreas XT trailer from Colorado. The lead time may also vary depending on the time of year. Full payment is due when the trailer ships. After your trailer has arrived in Phoenix, you are welcome to come to our shop to pick it up or arrange for it to be shipped at additional cost. For Conqueror trailers, it usually takes about 45 days to arrive once it has left South Africa, clears customs, arrives in Phoenix and outfitted to your specifications. 

Please look at the maximum capacity of each trailer and match your vehicle accordingly. Do not exceed the maximum towing recommendations of your vehicle limitations. Outbound Offroad is not responsible for verifying that your vehicle is capable of towing a Conqueror or a Boreas Trailer.  Please be safe and follow all vehicle recommendations and towing regulations. All towing vehicles need to have a brake controller and for towing Conqueror trailers, your vehicle needs to have a blank receiver and an Anderson plug to charge your trailer while in transit.

Discounts will be offered for customers who pay in full up-front for trailers that are not in stock. For rental customers who go on to purchase, a portion of the rental fees will be credited toward your purchase.

All in state sales will be subject to a total of 8.3% Arizona State, Maricopa County, and City of Phoenix Tax Rate. If you’re an out-of-state buyer, please send us an email and we will advise you on the exact tax rate payable.