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Boreas Campers EOS-12


Boreas Campers is excited to announce a new addition to its lineup of rugged, off-road capable camper trailers, the EOS-12 Hybrid (previously the XT-12). The EOS-12 is named after the Greek goddess of the dawn and mother of Boreas, and the length of the cabin, which is 12 ft long.

Says Boreas Campers Owner, Matt Reichel, “We are excited to debut the EOS-12 Hybrid and reach a new market including individuals and families who want to get off the beaten path for their adventures, but want the comfort of a vehicle that will allow them to stand up and utilize the indoor wet bath.”

The EOS-12 will keep the foundation that has made the XT the standard for off-road camper trailers, including a powder coated steel chassis, all-terrain tires and independent Cruisemaster suspension, giving it 20” of clearance. It will also continue the standard of industry leading, zero-wood construction for all Boreas Campers models, eliminating the possibility of decay and rot that comes with wood elements.

2022 EOS-12 - Accepting Deposits NOW!


keyboard_arrow_down Exterior
  • Composite and metal construction - no wood
  • Cruisemaster XT air independent suspension with auto level
  • Cruisemaster DO35 hitch coupler with parking brake
  • Ark Corner steadies
  • Large front storage box (optional luggage rack or bike racks available)
  • Full-sized spare tire
  • Front rock guard
  • Mud flaps
  • 23Zero 270 degree awning (optional wall enclosure)
  • Fold down rear steps with adjustable legs
  • Exterior LED lighting
  • Undercarriage and courtesy lighting
  • Rear camera
  • Single piece fiberglass molded roof
  • Tern windows and doors with built in screens and shades
  • Exterior power sources (12v/110v/solar)
  • Bluetooth speaker system
  • Exterior shower (optional shower room enclosure)
keyboard_arrow_down Interior
  • 6'6" standing room with roof open
  • Sleeping for 4 adults (5th child with fold down bunk option)
  • Permanent queen bed
  • Dinette table with seating for up to 5
  • Dinette bench seat folds down to double bed
  • Wet bath with cassette toilet and shower
  • Under bench storage
  • Rear pantry storage
  • Interior power sources (12v/110v)
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Maxxair 7500 overhead fan (thermostat, remote, rain sensor, 10 speed with reverse)
  • Tern Roof hatch window (located over queen bed)
  • Fully insulated cabin
keyboard_arrow_down Galley Kitchen
  • 3-burner Furrion cook top (7800 btu's per burner)
  • Stainless steel sink with hot and cold water
  • Stainless steel pull out kitchen sytem with undercounter storage
  • Pantry storage located above kitchen
  • Fold down prep table
  • Truma 96L dual-zone fridge and freezer OR 105L single zone fridge/freezer
keyboard_arrow_down Systems
  • Garmin Fusion – One Control – Operation of all RV systems through a portable touch screen tablet
    - Monitors batteries and tank levels, operates lighting, fan, heat, A/C, inverter, music and speaker zones
    - Can be used in the tow vehicle for navigation and rear trailer camera
  • Truma Combi Eco Plus Forced air furnace and on demand hot water
  • Heated/insulated tanks and insulated water lines for 4 season camping
  • 300 watts of solar – Zamp Obsidian ultra-thin glass panels
  • 200ahs of Lithium batteries
  • Victron MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • Prewired for portable solar panels
  • Victron Multiplus 12/2000/80 inverter/charger combo (4000w surge)
  • 30amp Shore Power
  • 50 gallons of fresh water
  • 25 gallons of grey water
  • Water filtration system
  • Dual 20lb propane tanks
keyboard_arrow_down Dimensions & Weight
  • Cabin Exterior Roof Opened: 156"L x 86W" x 92"H (Rear) 63"H (Front)
  • Cabin Exterior Roof Closed: 156"L x 86"W x 63.75"H (Rear) 54"H (Front)
  • Overall Height Roof Opened: 125" with AC unit, 119" without AC
  • Overall Height Roof Closed:  106" with AC, 100" without AC
  • Cabin interior (sleeping area) Roof Opened: 152"L x 82"W x 30"H (front wall of bed) 80" H(Rear) to floor 40" (Rear) to bed 
  • Cabin interior (sleeping area) Roof Closed: 152" x 82" 24"H (front wall of bed) 64" H(Rear) to floor 36" (Rear) to bed
  • Overall length: 231" (19'3")
  • Overall width (fender to fender): 86" (7'2")
  • Dry weight:  3500 lbs
  • Tongue weight:  TBD 
keyboard_arrow_down Add-ons & Upgrades
  • Destination Fee (for pick-up at our location) $1800
  • 110V Air Conditioner Option - Coleman Mach 8 $2450
    • This is a 15,000btu unit designed for use in off road vehicles and construction equipment. For extended run time a generator or shore power will be required. 
  • 12V Air Conditioner Option - Nomadic Cooling 3000 $5290 
    • This is a 11,830btu unit designed for off grid A/C. Run time on the standard 200ah of lithium is 3-4 hours depending on load and climate. This time estimate does not account for the 300 watts of roof top solar. Additional lithium can be added to extend this option. The unit will run from a generator or shore power when available. 
  • Lithium Batteries - Battleborn 100AH LiFePO4 (comes with 2 standard) $1350 each
    • Additional batteries are available - 100AH each, Maximum of 4 batteries
  • 3000 Watt Inverter (in place of 2000 watt inverter) $1,000
    • Needed to run Truma heat off of batteries instead of propane. Also recommended to add 2 additional Battle Borns 
  • Extra 20lb Propane Tank (comes with one standard) $300
  • Additional 200 Watts of Zamp Solar on top of trailer (comes with 300 watts)  $2,300
  • Toolbox Luggage Rack $1200
  • Shower Room $450
  • 270 Wall Kits $680
  • Toolbox Bike Rack (2 place) $775
  • Toolbox Bike Rack (4 place) $1550
  • Fold Down Cot $1175
  • Linx GPS Tracker $135
  • Terra Sheet Ground Sheet (Green or Silver) S $100, M $110, L $120, XL $130