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Camping in a Conqueror with Families

Conqueror’s flagship model, the UEV-490, may seem at first glance to be an off-road trailer suited not so much to the family crowd. Nothing could be further from the truth. The UEV-490 is a family adventurer’s dream.

Joshua Tree in our UEV-440

With a long weekend ahead of us, of course we’re going to travel. And what better excuse than to test out our new Conqueror UEV-440 rental unit. We’re big fans of the US National Parks system and Joshua Tree National Park happened to be a reasonable distance away. Done.

UEV-490 at Antelope Canyon

We haven’t done a whole lot of exploring in Arizona yet, so when the opportunity to head up north to Page presented itself, we took it. My mom was in town for my daughter’s first birthday, so we wanted to celebrate somewhere scenic.