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« Blog Camping in a Conqueror with Families

Conqueror’s flagship model, the UEV-490, may seem at first glance to be an off-road trailer suited not so much to the family crowd. Nothing could be further from the truth. The UEV-490 is a family adventurer’s dream.

It is a trailer that caters to anyone and everyone who seeks the outdoors. Anyone who wishes to immerse themselves and their families, young and old, into the great outdoors, will find a reason to love this trailer. Kids have a natural love of the outdoors, and the UEV-490 can bring them into nature in a way that they would not experience otherwise.

Our introduction into the world of Conqueror took the form of a six-week overland journey across the US with our three kids, 4.5, 2.5, and 0.5 years old at the time. We adults knew we wanted to experience the great outdoors in this great country in a new and intimate way, and that we wanted our kids to learn about nature up close and personally. And for us (and many, many other families), a Conqueror seemed to us to be the best way to do that.

With our Conqueror UEV-490, we did a lot of wild camping. When we pulled into a campsite, our kids didn’t have a playground full of slides and climbing things to play with. They had sticks, rocks, dirt, and creeks. And they loved them more than anything. Every day they had new environments to explore. They had new fantasies to indulge in. We had new things to teach them about how nature operates. We relished in telling them things about the different environments in which they found themselves constantly. Everything was new and fascinating to young minds.

One of the best nights from our trip was in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas. We found a place to camp along a creek, on a rocky embankment. Crawling across the rocks and muddy, rough roads would not have been achievable in any other RV or camper, but our Conqueror rolled over the terrain with ease. During the day, the kids had an amazing time wading through the warm creek waters, throwing rocks and catching giant crawdads. And that night, the woods lit up with a massive firefly display that we will never forget. It was just for a night, and such an unassuming place, but it gave our family memories for a lifetime. And we could not have seen any of it without our rugged off-road Conqueror camper.

Kids need their comforts, as often do their parents. Taking care of families while camping can seem like a daunting task for anyone. But the UEV-490 will make sure you can go anywhere, with anyone, in comfort and style. The slide-out kitchen may seem humble at first blush, but it provides the means to cook meals for the pickiest of eaters, toddlers included. The heater and air conditioner provide the creature comforts any kid (or adult) can demand. We camped through July’s heat and we were so thankful every minute for our air conditioner. And there is more than enough storage to bring along toys or books to keep all your little explorers occupied. The water heater provides hot showers to wash the dirt off at the end of the day. For us, it really was the best part of the day. The DVD/radio entertainment player is a simple way to distract the kiddos when you just need a little time to pack up camp. And the UEV-490’s King bed and fold-out Queen bed provides more than enough space for our family of 5 to sleep comfortably at night. The Conqueror was truly a blessing for our adventurous family. It truly felt like a home away from home.

Our kids never once complained about camping in the Conqueror. In fact, they loved it so much and couldn’t get enough of it. A child’s fascination with Mother Nature really knows no end. And there is not another trailer around as capable of bringing you there in safety through the wilderness and in comfort than a Conqueror.

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