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About Us

about outbound offroadWe (Trish and Graham Wales) are adventure junkies. With a total of over 100 countries visited between us, we have never known anything other than a thirst for exploring, And our adventures almost always gravitate towards nature. We love the outdoors. We both met in Singapore (where Trish is from), where we were working as scuba instructors.

Our honeymoon was in Africa. We did a self-drive overland trip from Cape Town, South Africa to Nairobi, Kenya, and back to Cape Town. It was a 7-month, 20,000 mile magnificent disaster of a trip from beginning to end. We planned nothing, and paid the price in the form of a comedy of disasters the whole way, including – but definitely not limited to – getting stuck overnight in a desert full of cheetahs, our car overheating and needing 33 days to fix, courtesy of three different sets of mechanics, hitting a UN vehicle, and nearly being mugged three days into the trip. Just about everything that could go wrong, did.

But that trip was amazing in spite of, and even a little bit because of, everything that went wrong. That trip sparked our love for overland travel, and hit all the right notes in terms of natural beauty. From the endless grunting herds of wildebeests in Serengeti, to the magnificent, reclusive leopards in Zambia, the unstoppable force of Victoria Falls, to the towering beauty of Kilimanjaro, we were in awe the whole time. And even from our very much ramshackle overland setup, we came to love the overland lifestyle.

Fast forward seven years, and we found ourselves with our three young kids, ready and itching to hit the road again, right here in the USA. We had heard about these awesome trailers called Conqueror, and, since they were from Africa and we knew from extensive personal experience just how bad the conditions there can get, we knew it would be a rock-solid trailer that would get us anywhere we wanted to go. We bought our new toy, and headed out on a much better organized family overland trip to see America's great nature offerings.

Over the course of planning this trip, the opportunity arose to become a licensed dealer for Conqueror products in Arizona. We loved the idea right away, and made the plans to move our entire family from Raleigh, NC to Phoenix, AZ to start a new company selling and renting off-road camper trailers. We're only at the beginning of this journey, but we know it will be an incredible experience, being immersed in the off-road and overland lifestyle like this. We can't wait to see what's next.



Forged in some of the roughest off-road and safari conditions on earth, Conqueror has evolved to become the leader in the African off-road market, often imitated, but never duplicated. From the company's early beginnings building trailers for the military, Conqueror has continually honed and advanced their products to become the best off-road camper trailer product available anywhere. Over years of feedback and real-world testing, they have expanded their product line, and now offer these super tough campers on three separate continents. Never satisfied with the status quo, Conqueror is constantly leading the pack with new innovations and technologies, always keeping an edge on their competitors. As a result, Conqueror remains the unrivaled leader in the off-road trailer industry.

Into The Wild Overland

Into The Wild Overland

Designed and built by Into The Wild Overland in Colorado, the Boreas series trailers are a true off-road and off-the-grid camper. With heavy duty Timbren Axle-Less Suspension, steel frame and oversized all terrain tires and not a sliver of wood thanks to our in-house composite panel system, every one of our campers are hungry for exploration.

With standard options from solar charging, stainless steel kitchens, furnaces and hot showers, the Boreas trailers make it easy for anything from weekend excursions to extended overland adventures.